Dustin Poirier now claims Charles Oliveira cheated his way to victory during UFC 269

Charles Oliveira delivered a tremendous performance at UFC 269. But for the light weight champion the biggest criticism stems from a move he used briefly during the second round.

In round 2, the action would move to the ground. Poirier accepted the grappling exchange with Charles Do Bronx, even though he quickly found himself losing the top position and struggling to survive. But here Oliveira briefly utilized an illegal tactic – or so claimed the popular opinion.

In an attempt to use an omoplata sweep on Poirier Charles Oliveira hung onto his arm with everything he had in his power – and once it appeared that this wasn’t working he briefly held onto the inside of the MMA glove. This tactic is considered illegal and is a mildly serious foul in mma. Oliveira is not the first nor the last to utilize this technique. However what was surprising is that Poirier made no complaint to the referee regarding the tactic and used a common omoplata counter – a front roll. This counter played right into Do Bronx’s plan and much of this round was subsequently spent with Oliveira doing heavy elbow damage to the face of Poirier from his closed guard.

This led to Poirier getting quickly steamrolled and submitted early in round 3. When all was said and done Poirier’s coaches were quick to ask him why he didn’t complain.

“Mike Brown was asking me when we got back to the locker room, why I didn’t just slide my arm out. I don’t remember the finger in the gloves but I was trying to pull my arm out and it felt like it was in there good but Mike asked me in the locker room after – I tried but I don’t know if his fingers were in my glove or not. I didn’t feel it but (shakes head)…”


But Poirier appears to have had a change of heart. Recently a fan asked Poirier if he still believed in his previous take on the situation and here’s how he responded:


Poirier appears to now believe without a doubt that Oliveira cheated his way to the Lightweight title. This loss adversely impacted Poirier who was rumored to be retiring but is likely switching to the Welterweight division thanks to the difficulties he had while cutting weight.

After an unsuccessful back and forth with Nate Diaz, Poirier announced his return date

By the looks of it Poirier is targeting a return during International Fight week in July.

Did Oliveira grab the glove or is Poirier saving face? You be the judge.