Donald Cerrone admits PEDs helped him bulk up: “I’m on the good sh**”

Cowboy Cerrone has been in the news lately. UFC fans all over the world have noticed how much muscle Cerrone has put on and have been skeptical about his “natty status”.

In a recent interview, Cerrone finally admitted to using PEDs post UFC retirement. This explains how he got such a phenomenal physique at his age.

In a recent social media post, he said:

“I was 175 pounds pretty much my entire UFC career. I’m now 220 [pounds] and I’m starting to really shred up and put on a lot of muscle mass and you can really tell. I mean, just over the last few videos, I’ve had people like, ‘Wow, you’re a lot bigger.’ Well, yeah. I’m on the good sh**.”

Ever since he retired, Cerrone has landed a couple of big paycheck projects. He recently starred as the main character in a thriller called “Project Legion”.

Moreover, he got roles in 4 other roles this year in The Commando, Terror on the Prairie, The Terminal List, and El Paso 11:55.

Donald Cerrone is recognized and loved by most of the UFC community as one of the MMA greats. Although he had a rough ending, and several eyebrow raising comments.

In an appearance on the Calabasas Fight Companion, he talked about how PED use has affected him:

“I was just literally in Vegas yesterday and I was telling everybody like, ‘I understand why (PEDs) are illegal.’ Now that I’m injecting them into my body and I feel like I’m f*cking 20 again,”

He continued: “The training would never stop. You could just literally train as hard as you wanted to and wake up the next day recovered and fresh.”

Cerrone had his final UFC outing against Jim Miller at UFC 276 and lost via a second-round submission.

Retired UFC athlete, Donald Cowboy Cerrone recently expressed his gratitude to Francis Ngannou for guiding him toward obtaining a hair transplant. Cerrone wrote on social media about his experience getting a hair transplant .

He’s since tried to jump start an acting career. Cerrone’s odds of success are slim to none considering his problematic history of using racial slurs and problematic posts.