Cowboy Cerrone Post-Apocalyptic Movie ‘Project Legion’ releases trailer

When Donald Cerrone said he aspired to become a movie star, he wasn’t lying.

At UFC 276, he announced his retirement from mixed martial arts. However, he promised there would be more to come. That seems to be the case as the former MMA pro secured the main part in the film, “Project Legion.”

In the film, Cerrone plays a former marine who combats zombie-like monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. On October 7, the post-apocalyptic movie will open in a few cinemas. On October 11, “Project Legion” will also be accessible through streaming.

Project Legion was written and directed by Lance Kawas. Kawas had made a number of short movies previously in addition to critically panned movie ‘Good Thief’ which currently has 3.5/10 on imdb. A number of Cerrone’s costars in “Project Legion” are also attached to ‘Mojave Diamonds’ a Chael Sonnen/Cowboy Cerrone movie set to be released next year.

Project Legion is not Cerrone’s first endeavor in the motion picture business. The Equalizer 2, Spenser Confidential, and more films feature the MMA legend. Cerrone previously collaborated with Chris Pratt on the TV series “The Terminal List.”

Of course Cerrone’s movie starring aspirations could all be cut short once mainstream Hollywood catches wind of the accusations of racism he’s had against him.

In a since-deleted interview with journalist Ariel Helwani, Bobby Green accused Cerrone of making racist remarks against him and about black people.

Rejecting his accusations, Cerrone told, he wouldn’t “have three black guys living with [him]”, if he were racist.

Aljamain Sterling, the UFC bantamweight champion, also made similar claims against Cerrone in 2016.

Sterling claims that Cerrone used a “inappropriate phrase” in front of him after making a remark about his gold chain that caused him to feel “uncomfortable.” Sterling never said what the term was, but he made it clear that it had racist implications. Cerrone reportedly began to intimidate him when he begged for an explanation.