UFC 276: Jim Miller submits Cowboy Cerrone, Cerrone retires

Jim Miller and Cowboy Cerrone have a lot of UFC records between them. Cerrone came off of two cancellations against fellow veteran Joe Lauzon and was a late day replacement/

The bout was set to make the record book regardless of the outcome – their bout would determine who had the most wins in UFC history.

Bruce Buffer was even instructed to announce that at the start of the fight. Miller and Cerrone started with a calf kick from Miller. The fight was even keeled to start with and not terribly eventful.

Cowboy got to tag Miller several times with nice combinations.

Miller would catch a kick to the body and dump Cerrone on his back. Miller got the top position – inside of Cerrone’s closed guard. Miller snuck some elbows in but Cerrone wasn’t down for the count yet and reversed the position. Miller initially aimed for a triangle.

Cerrone even tried for a heel hook at one point.

In round two, Miller mixed in more kicks. Miller cracked Donald Cerrone with a body kick – while Cerrone was trying to get a kick in as well and slipped. Miller jumped on the guillotine and that was all she wrote.

Cerrone ended up tapping with a finger with his limbs trapped.

Cerrone took the gloves off and announced his retirement following the loss.