Dillon Danis would only stay in PFL if he gets an MMA clash with Jake Paul

Fueled by the desire to reclaim victory post his defeat to Logan Paul, Dillon Danis has laid down the gauntlet for an MMA face-off with Jake Paul.

The online feud between the Paul brothers and Dillon Danis has been a simmering pot for a few years now. It all started when their sights turned towards UFC icon Conor McGregor – a long-standing comrade of Dillon. This clash of worlds was catalyzed by the rise of influencer-driven boxing events.

Since then, the animosity has escalated to a deeply personal level. Dillon Danis took aim at the YouTuber’s fiancee Nina Agdal. This rivalry culminated in a high-stakes boxing match on the eagerly anticipated Prime Card, where Logan emerged as the winner..

While Jake Paul maintained a safe distance from this feud, he did volunteer to replace Logan in case he couldn’t face Danis after a microphone was flung his way.

With Jake’s MMA debut still hanging in the balance, Dillon has extended his offer to take him up on a MMA bout. But it comes with a set of conditions.

Despite signing with the PFL early in January 2023, Jake Paul’s debut in the MMA world remains pending. Speculation abounds regarding his first MMA rival, with the prospect of a rematch against Nate Diaz also in the mix.

Talking about the swirling rumors of a Bellator acquisition, Danis stated: “PFL has bought Bellator. The only way I’ll stay is if they book me against Jake Paul; otherwise, I’m going to the UFC.” However, this sale is yet to be substantiated.

In light of the unconfirmed sale and the improbability of a UFC reunion, Danis’ negotiating sway may not be as strong as he perceives it to be.

Moreover, Jake is slated to re-enter the boxing ring in December. Therefore, talks about an MMA bout are deferred for at least a few months.