Dillon Danis willing to cough up his entire purse to Logan Paulif he agrees to MMA rematch

American MMA fighter Dillon Danis, despite losing to WWE star Logan Paul by disqualification in their recent boxing match, is already setting his sights on a rematch, this time inside the MMA octagon. The fight, which took place in Manchester, ended in chaos with a post-fight brawl after Paul’s victory.

Danis, who previously taunted Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal as part of the fight promotion, remains confident in his abilities and unscathed by the disqualification. In an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, he expressed his eagerness for an MMA rematch, stating, “I didn’t take any damage, so I want to take a fight in the next thirty days. I’m ready to go!”

Despite sporting some black eyes from headshots during the boxing match, Danis made a bold claim that MMA is more physically demanding than boxing. He criticized Paul’s boxing style, describing it as evasive, asserting, “The fight, it didn’t feel like a fight, it felt like he was running away.” Danis expressed his desire for a “real fight” and challenged Paul to an MMA showdown, emphasizing that Paul had initially agreed to it but hadn’t defended his fiancee as he should have.

The bad blood between Danis and Paul escalated when Danis posted a video of Agdal discussing her sexual cravings. This act led to a legal battle with Agdal filing a $150,000 lawsuit against Danis and obtaining a restraining order.

Danis showed no remorse for his actions, citing them as part of the fight promotion, and even expressed reluctance to give Paul his share of the purse, despite their prior agreement.

Dillon Danis’s quick call for an MMA rematch adds another chapter to his rivalry with Logan Paul, leaving fans eager to see if the two will meet again, this time in the octagon.