Dillon Danis reluctant to settle Logan Paul and Nina Agdal lawsuit: Not done yet

Dillon Danis remains resolute in his ongoing feud with Logan Paul and Nina Agdal, even after his loss to the ImPaulsive host in a highly-anticipated boxing match and an offer to settle their legal dispute.

The clash between the Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, and Dillon Danis has been simmering for several years. It originated when influencer boxing was on the rise, and the Paul brothers expressed their desire to fight Conor McGregor, who is Danis’ longtime training partner.

Fast forward to 2023, and the feud has largely become a one-on-one battle between Logan and Dillon. They agreed to settle their differences in the eagerly awaited Prime Card event, with Logan emerging as the victor. The lead-up to the bout was marked by intense animosity.

The former UFC fighter repeatedly targeted Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, which led to a lawsuit and a restraining order. Even after Logan’s victory, the legal battle persists, and Dillon Danis shows no sign of backing down.

Logan Paul has openly admitted that he made a “mistake” by accepting the fight with Dillon Danis, considering the inflammatory comments Danis made about Nina. He described the remarks as “inhumane.”

However, Danis remains unyielding. In response to Logan’s acknowledgment of his mistake, he retorted, “I’m not done yet. Should’ve killed me when you had the chance.”

Furthermore, the former UFC fighter revealed that a settlement offer had been extended to him for their ongoing lawsuit. He added, “Nina offered a settlement of 400k today she can go suck another d*ck.”

It was reported that Nina was seeking a minimum of $150,000 in damages due to the offensive tweets from Danis, which included photos of her with her previous partners, along with the circulation of fake images.

Despite his defeat, Danis has received criticism from the online community, as many expected him to be knocked out early in the fight. Nonetheless, his determination to continue the feud with Logan Paul and Nina Agdal remains unshaken.