Dillon Danis refutes pull out rumors after more tensions with Logan Paul

Renowned BJJ specialist Dillon Danis has taken an unexpected turn in the lead-up to his highly anticipated boxing match against Logan Paul.

From the moment this matchup was unveiled, Danis was surrounded by controversy. His initial attempts to create a rivalry and generate buzz for his first bout in over four years took a regrettable turn. Danis targeted Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal on various social media platforms.

What initially seemed like a clever promotional strategy has now led Danis to face state and federal charges. This legal action stems from a lawsuit filed by Agdal, who felt violated by Danis’s online behavior.

Danis’s online attacks on Agdal escalated, featuring explicit content and trolling regarding her previous relationships. The situation reached a breaking point when he shared a sensitive photo of Agdal allegedly taken more than a decade ago during a “romantic encounter.”

Consequently, Agdal is pursuing a lawsuit against Danis that potentially amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reacting to the ongoing legal battle, Logan Paul hinted at more charges to come. In a podcast appearance on BS w/ Jake Paul, he stated: “There are more counts coming. It’s heavy dude. I’ll be honest, it’s a f*cking .50 caliber adamantium bullet to the dome. He’s f*cked. We’re about to catch a predator on October 14.”

Frustrated by Paul’s comments and the mounting legal pressure, Dillon Danis decided to withdraw from their scheduled clash on October 14th.

“Logan bragging about lawsuits again he isn’t built for the fight game, this p**sy doesn’t deserve me I’m out,” Danis tweeted in response to a video clip.

Logan Paul swiftly responded to Danis’s apparent withdrawal, asserting that the New Jersey native was bluffing.

Paul wrote: “Don’t let Dillon fool you… he knows that pulling out AGAIN would guarantee no fighter, fight organization, or legit brand will ever work with him because he’s an unreliable liar. Not to mention the embarrassment of pu**ying out against me. I’m going to break this predator physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.”

“This isn’t about just winning the fight; I’m going to destroy his entire life. But truthfully, idgaf who shows up on October 14 — the man across from me will be knocked out cold.”

Danis promptly retaliated, stating: “Logan is so delusional he thinks this makes him look good. It’s actually crazy. Suing someone isn’t a real fighter move. It’s a cowardly move.”

“Step down from your moral high ground. People still remember you using a s**cide victim for financial gain and clout. Also, be a man and turn on your replies pu**y.”

Dillon Danis has indicated his intention to participate, as per his subsequent posts on X. However, combat sports enthusiasts will will definitely have their doubts until they witness him step into the ring later this month.