Dillon Danis offers to spar Jake Paul’s upcoming opponent on Adin Ross’ stream

Dillon Danis is once again making headlines. This time, he has volunteered to take on Jake Paul’s upcoming opponent on Adin Ross’ Kick broadcast.

Danis had a widely-discussed boxing match against Logan Paul on October 14. Despite the banter before the bout on Twitter, Danis resorted to his grappling techniques during the match. This resulted in his disqualification and a defeat against the elder Paul brother.

Currently, Danis is turning his attention to Jake Paul and is persistently vying for an MMA showdown. His desire to face Jake in the octagon has been no secret, as he’s been vocal about it for months. He has been consistently challenging Jake Paul to prove himself.

In a recent move on December 7, Danis took to Twitter with a unique proposal. He called out Jake Paul and his upcoming opponent, pro boxer Andre August. Danis suggested an unconventional scenario on Adin Ross’ Kick stream, intending to confront Jake directly on the day of his scheduled match.

Danis tweeted: “Hey @jakepaul, I’ve got a proposal for you. I’ll spar with the bum you’re currently set to fight, live on @adinross’s stream. When I embarrass him, you’ll have to agree to fight me in MMA on the same date you’ve planned for your fight against him. What do you say, kiddo — deal?”

As of now, neither Jake nor Adin Ross has responded to Danis’ proposal. However, Danis isn’t the only one hinting at a potential showdown on December 15.

KSI is gearing up to spar against IShowSpeed on the same day for a charity event streamed live on Speed’s YouTube channel. Although it hasn’t been verified, a lot of fans think this is a jab at Jake’s scheduled match with August.

It seems like the event has been garnering attention and interest from multiple boxers. Fans and viewers alike may have a hard time deciding on the match they want to watch live.