Dillon Danis calls out Logan Paul for PED use after he passes VADA test

Logan Paul recently  took to Twitter to disclose the outcome of his PED Test for The Prime Card.

Despite the test yielding a negative result, Dillon Danis remains steadfast in his allegations that Paul utilized PEDs in preparation for the match.

The fierce rivalry between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis seems far from reaching a resolution. After a lengthy dispute, the two squared up in The Prime Card. Although Paul won the match, the two continue to beef.

Following his disqualification in the match against Paul, Danis appealed the result. However, Paul swiftly criticized this move as an act of desperation.

Subsequently, Danis accused Paul of being unethical in his relationship with fiancee Nina Agdal.

Paul recently made a humorous video on Twitter in which he acknowledged the negative outcome but also said that something had improved his performance. Paul then joked, “I wanna confess, I have been taking a lot of Prime Energy and putting it in my mouth.”

However, Dillon Danis remains unconvinced by the negative results of Paul’s VADA PED test. In a tweet responding to Paul’s video, Danis raised doubts about the legitimacy of the testing process.

He wrote: “The testing was a joke, literally. Piss test after (the) fight, famously easy to beat.  Danis even went as far to disparage the person performing the tests claiming the ‘old man in the room wasn’t even paying attention’.”

Danis maintains that he is certain Logan Paul engaged in the use of PEDs leading up to their bout. He boldly stated, “You’re a juicehead, and you proved that with the way the testing was done.”

The final verdict on Danis’ disqualification appeal is still pending, and no formal action has been taken regarding his accusations of PED use by Paul. Given Danis’ reputation for provocative statements, it is difficult to determine if he is making the accusations seriously.