Daniel Cormier: Ronda Rousey is more accomplished as an Olympian than Alex Pereira with his kickboxing belts


Daniel Cormier puts Olympic gold in wrestling on a pedestal, claiming it’s vastly more challenging than securing a Glory kickboxing title.

Unveiling his perspective on combat sports achievements, DC emphasizes the unparalleled difficulty of making it to the Olympics, all while claiming he could make the Glory kickboxing roster despite not being a great kickboxer..

According to DC, the roots of combat sports lie in wrestling, the oldest sport in world history. He contends that the sheer history of wrestling, with its inclusion in the first Olympic Games, makes it a formidable challenge.

” The oldest sport in the world history is wrestling. They did wrestling at the first Olympic Games, and you’re talking about a style in kickboxing where I could go fight it? I’m a terrible kickboxer, but I bet I could do a couple do’s in glory kickboxing.”

Once challenged on this, Cormier retorted;

“guess what, though? You can’t make the Olympics. You can’t even make the Olympic team.”

DC’s stance intensifies as he compares the accomplishments of Ronda Rousey and Alex Pereira. Despite Pereira’s Glory kickboxing titles and a UFC belt, DC argues that Rousey’s Olympic bronze medal in Judo surpasses Pereira’s achievements.

He firmly establishes the belief that a combination of a wrestling gold medal and a UFC title earns a spot on the combat sports Mt. Rushmore, distinguishing it from kickboxing accolades.

However, DC clarifies that his perspective isn’t a slight to Alex Pereira. Instead, he highlights the distinct levels of accomplishments in the realms of wrestling and kickboxing.

This echoes a marked departure from Joe Rogan’s previous commentary, where he lauded Pereira’s kickboxing career over Henry Cejudo’s wrestling achievements.

Cejudo, reacting to Rogan’s statements, humorously dismissed the notion that pro kickboxing is more competitive than amateur wrestling. Cejudo laughed off Rogan’s comparison in his Youtube video, questioning if he needed to delve into WWE to be considered more accomplished than Pereira.