Conor McGregor won’t be charged for bathroom incident at NBA game

UFC superstar Conor McGregor will not face criminal charges in connection with an incident that was said to have occurred during an NBA Finals game in June. This development comes after a thorough investigation by authorities.

The accuser claimed that she encountered McGregor during the NBA Finals game at the Kaseya Center. She alleged that his security team informed her he was looking for her in the bathroom. Once inside the restroom, she asserted that McGregor forced her into relations.

However, McGregor consistently denied these accusations. His attorney issued a statement affirming that the authorities, after an extensive investigation involving video footage and eyewitness interviews, have decided not to pursue a case against his client.

In the statement, McGregor’s attorney expressed their satisfaction with this decision, stating, “As anticipated, this decision by the authorities confirms Mr. McGregor’s account of the evening. On behalf of my client, his family, and his fans, we are pleased that this matter is now concluded.”

The alleged incident occurred on June 9, while McGregor was attending the Nuggets vs. Heat game in Miami. It was during the same event that McGregor punched and knocked out a person dressed as the Miami Heat mascot, as part of a promotional act for his pain-relief spray.

According to TMZ, prosecutors reviewed CCTV footage that showed McGregor and the accuser entering the men’s restroom together for approximately five minutes. Afterward, they were observed together at a nightclub following the game. However, an attendant in the same restroom reported no signs of distress or sounds indicating non-consensual activity.

Furthermore, TMZ reported that the accuser initially met McGregor without claiming she had been attacked. It was only later that she made allegations against the UFC star, including asking if he would settle or provide compensation in exchange for her dropping her claims.

When the allegations first emerged in June, it was just hours after McGregor’s wife, Dee Devlin, announced that they were expecting their fourth child. The couple already has three children together: Conor Jr., Croia Mairhead, and Rian, aged six, four, and two, respectively.

The resolution of this case marks the end of a challenging chapter for Conor McGregor, and opens up a path for him to return to the UFC.