Conor McGregor roasts Romanian slap league after jarring video goes viral

The sport of slapping doesn’t appear to please Conor McGregor all that much despite the fact he helped UFC promote it a while back. McGregor recently saw a frightening video of a Romanian slap match and appears to have had a change of heart.

One of the competitors is shown in the video receiving a slap while having an unusually swollen face. Conor McGregor viciously criticized the video by writing: “Absolutely gorgeous technique congrats the new heavy weight champion.

The event was held under the Romanian MMA promotion RXF MMA The athlete appears to be Sorin Comsa, who also ended up winning the match.

The sport of slapping is often criticized for making CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) a possibility for competitors. Nonetheless, UFC president Dana White entered the sport with his own slap promotion, the Power Slap League.

However, the premiere of his Power Slap League was postponed by a week when White was caught on tape slapping his wife at a Mexican club on New Year’s Eve.

McGregor promoted White’s venture tweeting:

McGregor wrote: “This power slap championships is growing on me. Who doesn’t like watching good quality clatters hahaha”

McGregor wrote further questions regarding the nuances of the sport:

“Is it a flip of a coin who gets to go first? How long do they have to recover before they get to throw their counter? Or is it over if they’re ko’d? Fascinating. I’m attending one of these 100%. Is this Dana’s ? Wtf is this madness Dana hahaha. I’m in.”

McGregor even suggested a slap matchup with Nate Diaz, his rival.