UFC flyweight Manel Kape thinks he beats Israel Adesanya IRL: I beat already many guys of his [size]

In a recent podcast appearance, UFC flyweight Manel Kape was asked if he could take down former UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in a hypothetical scenario. Kape, known for his confidence and unapologetic demeanor, did not mince words when responding to the question.

According to a transcript of the conversation, Kape was asked point-blank if he thought he could beat Adesanya in a real life confrontation. Unfazed by Adesanya’s physical stature, Kape dismissed the idea that size would be a determining factor. “Did you see how big Adesanya is when he stood up? I’m undefeated in the streets, bro,” Kape said with a hint of bravado.

When pressed for an answer, Kape doubled down on his confidence, saying, “You think you could beat up Israel Adesanya? I think, bro. You crazy. I’m thinking. Putting him in front of me in the streets, and who you gonna say?” The tone was unmistakable – Kape was not intimidated by Adesanya’s reputation or physical presence.

The exchange, which took place backstage at a recent UFC event, was a continuation of a heated interaction between Kape and Adesanya at a press conference earlier that week. The tension was palpable as the two fighters traded barbs, with Adesanya at one point calling Kape a “fake guy.”

Despite Adesanya’s attempts to rile him up, Kape remained unflappable, insisting that his skills would prove superior in a hypothetical confrontation. “I beat already many, many, many guys of his [size],” Kape said, boasting about his past experiences.

When asked if he thought Adesanya’s MMA skills would give him an advantage, Kape was dismissive. “MMA, yeah, but Israel Adesanya is pretty good. Yeah, I’m pretty good too, bro,” he said with a smirk.

The verbal sparring match between Kape and Adesanya has sparked renewed interest in a potential matchup between the two fighters. While nothing has been officially announced, fans are salivating at the prospect of seeing these two confident fighters face off in the octagon.

As the UFC looks to book its next series of events, one thing is clear: Manel Kape is not backing down from anyone, including Israel Adesanya.