Conor McGregor Flaunts a $620K ‘Casino’ Watch

I have an unhealthy obsession with spending money, but I have a healthy obsession with making it. So it’s all good.” said UFC Megastar Conor McGregor before his legendary win at UFC 205 back in 2016.

Even years after saying that, the Irishman continues to do what he always does: spend a lot of money while making a lot more. While he was sidelined from competition for almost 9 months due to the leg injury he suffered in his last fight, that didn’t stop him from shopping for luxuries while in his recovery.

Conor Mcgregor’s wristgame close-up of his jacob and co Astronomia ‘Casino’ in 18k rose gold, a watch that features a roulette complication that can be activated pushing the button at eight o’clock. This masterpiece is the first grand complication timepiece with a roulette wheel that spins, allowing the owners to play their favorite game of chance at any time.

Retail price: $ 620,000.00

Besides the recently spotted watch, another notable luxury in The Notorious One’s collection is his Lamborghini 63 Superyacht. The Irishman bought the 63-foot-long superyacht for $3.6 million. For most people, that is a lot of money to be dropped, but for McGregor, that was probably not a big deal as he reportedly made $180 million in 2021, making him Forbes’ highest-paid athlete in 2021.

With his leg recovering well, the former UFC double champ is now back to training and eyeing a comeback to the UFC octagon this year. UFC President Dana White even hinted that McGregor will return in the early fall, but of course with the doctor’s clearance.