Cain Velasquez denied bail, plea hearing moved for May 6th

Cain Velasquez released a statement yesterday thanking the public for the support he’s received during crisis. Velasquez is staring down a number of serious charges that could see him ending up in prison for life.

He had gunned down a vehicle containing a man accused of abusing an underaged relative for over 100 times, and accidentally shot his step father in process. Velasquez has been a hot topic in MMA with many aces willing to vouch for his character.

But Velasquez will remain in jail for at least another month – considering that his bail has been denied once again.

His attorney informed the crowd of supporters:
“As we indicated to the judge today, we’re going to file another motion asking that he be released,” Geragos told reporters. “We will do that between now and May 6.”

As for Velasquez, he’s hoping that his legal position will be more favorable when the police concludes their interviews with the children who attended the Child daycare that the abuser’s mother ran.

He is likely right – the police have been conducting interviews as far back as his arrest to find other victims of Goularte. The relative of Cain’s that was abused was abused over a 100 times so it’s unlikely this was an isolated case.

Many prominent faces in MMA penned letters of support and sent them to the judge presiding over the case. A crowd of supporters also gathered in front of a courthouse earlier.

“To everyone that has expressed your support, my family and I will never be able to thank you enough. From the bottom of our hearts and the depths of our souls, we are forever grateful for your love. Your selfless gestures and kind words have given me the strength in my darkest times. This story is complex and slowly unraveling as we speak. To the true victims of this case, may God give you the strength to come forward. Though it is most difficult to relieve the pain that has happened to you, in speaking the truth, justice will be served and your own true healing will start. I will never stop helping or loving my community and all of you. Thank you for loving me – Cain Velasquez,  the statement reads.