Brendan Schaub’s claim that Chael Sonnen was protecting his wife leads assault victims to come forward, allege Sonnen attacked his own wife as well

Brendan Schaub is somewhat of a specialist when it comes to putting his foot in his own mouth. In an attempt to exonerate Sonnen from a legal mess he landed in – he provoked victims into filing a civil lawsuit and telling their side of the story publicly.

Chael Sonnen thought he might be able to escape the incident that transpired some months ago unscathed – the 5 citations against Sonnen were initially dismissed but the state reserved the right to re-file charges against Sonnen. They chose to do just that last week.

TMZ was the first to break the news that the MMA veteran has been charged 11 times including for one felony over the Las Vegas incident.

Court records reveal prosecutors filed charges last week. The biggest charge is the felony battery by strangulation, the other 10 charges are misdemeanor battery charges.

Battery by strangulation in non-domestic situations is a Category C felony under Nevada law. The potential penalties include one to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. It’s likely Sonnen will plead out the case.

Documents paint a vivid picture. It is the view of the officials that Sonnen roughed up 6 people including one woman on the night of December 18th.

ESPN suspended Sonnen in light of the charges. But whereas Brendan Schaub would have us believing that Sonnen was chivalrous and was defending his wife against harassments the Civil suit other victims filed against Sonnen paints a different picture.

Las Vegas Review Journal published the documents and interview tied to the civil case against Sonnen.

According to the victims, Dr. Christopher Stellpflug and his wife Julie Stellpflug, they encountered an inebriated Sonnen in a hallway of the Four Seasons wearing a torn bloody shirt and no shoes or socks. They tried to dodge Sonnen but he subsequently knocked a drink from Dr. Stellpflug’s hand. Stellpflug’s wife claims she tried to defuse the situation but according to the suit, the fighter allegedly “proceeded to viciously attack Dr. Stellpflug, punching him multiple times in the head with a closed fist.”

Julie Stellpflug called out for help. A guest from a nearby room came over. Sonnen was applying a chokehold on Dr Stellpflug at this time.

The hotel guest helped free Christopher Stellpflug from the chokehold – which is when Stellpflug alleges he saw Sonnen attacking his own wife. Stellpflug alleges Sonnen was punching his wife in the face multiple times with an open fist, leaving her with a split lip, according to the lawsuit. Sonnen then threw her against a wall, causing her to hit a light fixture.

Per the LVRJ, Dr. Stellpflug decided to come forward with his story after hearing former UFC fighter-turned-media personality Brendan Schaub claim that the alleged attack was the result of “some drunk guy” insulting Sonnen’s wife, Brittany Sonnen.

“I just want people to know it was a totally unprovoked attack,” he said. “We were just walking into our room to plan a sushi dinner. We did nothing wrong, and this guy went on a crazy rampage.”