Brendan Schaub caught red handed; He spread fake news about Trump and Rogan

UFC, NFL what can’t Brendan Schaub do? Well the answer to this is fast becoming none of it. Former athlete turned podcaster is increasingly becoming known as “not the best source” for information for anything including his friends.

Recently, the comedian had a guest spot on the podcast  “Bussin’ With The Boys”. During the episode, Schaub mentioned that the former President of the United States Donald Trump is undoubtedly going to be a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast in the near future.

Talking about the recent news when a podcast episode that had Trump as a guest was removed by Youtube, Schaub stated that Trump will now appear on the “Joe Rogan Experience”. And given that the show belongs to Spotify, Youtube won’t be able to censor it. This is a part of Schaub’s belief that Spotify is anti-woke a claim that’s been debunked to his face by disgraced comedian Chris D’elia.

“Now Trump is going on Rogan, and Youtube can’t take that down,” Schaub told the hosts of the podcast.

However, Rogan publicly stated that Trump was never invited to appear on his show and that the information was spread by a fake reports on Twitter.

“People just love to make up a fake story and see if that makes into the news,” Rogan told his guest Mike Baker on episode #1793 of the show.

“There has been a whole thing of a hundred people, at least, have texted me – because they heard Trump was coming on my podcast.”

Rogan then cites the origin of the fake information spread by Schaub.

“And the source of it is a fake Trump account on Twitter,” The podcast said denying the President’s appearance on his podcast.

Rogan later stated that a future appearance of former President Trump is unlikely to happen on his show. The podcaster claimed that he considers himself “apolitical” and that he doesn’t want his show to have an influence on American politics.

“I’ve decided that I’m very apolitical when it comes to the future in like, political candidates,” Rogan said during the same episode with Mike Baker.

“I don’t wanna have that kind of an influence.” The podcaster said. “I wanna be someone who can watch and observe, I don’t want to be someone who is actually affecting this.”