Bodybuilder Bradley Martyn issues MMA challenge to Logan Paul

The brewing conflict in the influencer boxing world has escalated as Instagram fitness icon and podcast host Bradley Martyn publicly challenged YouTube sensation Logan Paul. He called for the two to compete in an MMA showdown.

Martyn is renowned for his Raw Talk on the podcast. He directly issued the challenge during an episode featuring Bryce Hall. Bryce is a prominent figure in both YouTube and TikTok, who has ventured into influencer boxing like Logan Paul.

Martyn’s penchant for calling out potential opponents has become a recurring theme on his podcast. Fans reacted with a mix of amusement and skepticism to Martyn’s expressed interest in confronting the elder Paul brother.

Martyn and Hall think Paul lacks a instinct as a combatant. However, they are forgetting that Paul was a talented wrestler while attending Ohio University. He also qualified for the OHSAA Division I Wrestling Championship.

In response to the challenge, fans shared varied perspectives. One viewpoint emphasized Logan Paul’s potential victory based on his collegiate wrestling background.

A fan wrote: “How Logan Paul wins: college wrestling background, one takedown, lay on Bradley for the first 5 minutes, Bradley gasses because he is a st**oid junkie, early r2 TKO if he gets up of the stool”

Conversely, dissenting voices criticized Martyn’s self-portrayal as a legitimate competitor. Another fan wrote: “I love how Bradley acts like he’s a real fighter when he’s not. Calls out Logan when Logan 1, has fighting experience and 2, he was a d1 wrestler while he was in college.”

Another comment made fun of Bradley by saying: “Bryce talking about killer mentality”

Although YouTube was Logan Paul’s main source of popularity, his bouts with KSI helped to establish the influencer boxing scene.

However, his pivot to professional wrestling after signing with WWE revealed his true potential. Paul is not only very athletic, but he has also shown such a natural talent for professional wrestling that WWE decided to make him their newest United States Champion.