Ryan Garcia makes response video to testing positive for Ostarine

Renowned boxer Ryan Garcia has taken to social media to address the swirling rumors surrounding a reported positive test for performance-enhancing substances. In an impassioned video response, Garcia vehemently denies any wrongdoing, labeling the allegations as “big lies” and “bulls*it claims.”

The 23-year-old lightweight champion’s video response comes on the heels of reports suggesting he tested positive for a PED, prompting widespread speculation about the legitimacy of his recent victory. Garcia, however, is adamant that the allegations are baseless and part of a larger conspiracy to tarnish his reputation.

“Everybody knows that I don’t cheat,” Garcia maintains in the video. “Why didn’t they come out with this before? If they found it before, why would they let me step into the ring as a cheater, and they come out with a victory, and then they post this?”

Garcia’s frustration is palpable as he questions the timing of the allegations, implying that they are simply an attempt to discredit him. The boxer, known for his electrifying performances in the ring, took aim at his detractors, stating, “These are people that are trying to attack me for whatever reason, but no weapon against me shall prosper.”

In a bid to clear his name, Garcia categorically denied ever taking steroids, claiming, “I don’t even know where to get ster*ids at the end of the day.” He also downplayed the idea that a supplement, specifically ashwagandha, could be the source of the alleged positive test, calling the notion “retarded.”

Garcia’s message to his detractors was unequivocal: “I beat his a*s, f**k out of here.” The boxer’s defiant tone has sparked a mixed reaction among fans and observers, with some backing his assertions of innocence and others calling for a thorough investigation into the allegations.

Ryan Garcia remains steadfast in his assertion that he is a clean athlete, and he will stop at nothing to clear his name.