Aspen Ladd released from UFC following latest weight miss

Aspen Ladd has been removed from the UFC roster after a matchup with Sara McMann fell through after she was unable to make weight.

According to the UFC Roster Watch service, Ladd was removed from the promotion’s rankings database on Tuesday. Aspen Ladd has a lengthy history of weight issues. Later, Dana White confirmed  Ladd’s dismissal from the organization.

The bout between Ladd and McMann was originally scheduled to take place in August. However, it was postponed because Ladd caught Covid. The bout was supposed to happen at at UFC Vegas 60 but was subsequently called off.

Ladd has an MMA record consisting of 9 wins and 3 losses having lost the last 2 in a row.

It’s especially interesting considering that Ladd claimed weight cut issues were behind her just 2 days earlier saying:

“I think it’s finally all coming together as far as how I’m feeling physically and how I’m able to perform and I’ve definitely changed my body in a way where the weight cuts are not as brutal as it used to be at all. So everything’s working out.”

Ladd is also not very tall so it’s eyebrow raising that she’s unable to maintain her weight. Aspen Ladd is 5’6″.

Aspen Ladd is known for weight issues throughout her career as a professional mixed martial artist. The 27-year-old competed at catchweight back in 2016 within the women-only MMA promotion Invicta FC.

“we tried to try to work with her. She’s a great kid. She’s she’s a really nice person. And, you know, it’s never fun when you have somebody who’s actually talented. She’s a talented fighter. And but part of the job is making weight. I mean, she’s she’s not made weight so many times. It just it had to happen.” White told media


In addition to her weight cut issues, Ladd also attracted the scrutiny of the public due to her relationship with longtime (and much older coach) Jim West. West came under fire when he berated Ladd for her performance in the octagon and subsequently had to apologize.

He has yet to address why he’s dating and rumored to be engaged to  a martial arts student he met when she was (at best) 17 years old. It’s unclear where her career goes from here.