Fighter’s Corner Apologizes For Coaching Tactics

Aspen Ladd’s corner was forced to apologize faced with harsh criticism over how they talked to Ladd between rounds. The coach was somewhat rough and unapologetic – and it’s not the first time they utilized this type of an approach. Lucky for them, the previous time it seemed to work out for them:

However in Ladd’s defeat to Norma Dumont – Ladd didn’t manage to muster up a response to the harshness and ultimately dropped a decision after 5 rounds.

“You’re down 3 to 0. Please tell me what you’re doing,” West said to Ladd. “You have to throw more than one punch.”


Many pointed out that this was not particularly helpful – nor inspiring.

Even though some stood in defense of his coaching method he opted to apologize:

“Tonight was not our night. It’s been our night many many times at the highest level but not tonight. I blame myself,” West wrote on Instagram. “Though it may not be my fault. it’s not up for debate. I take all the blame. Yes after the first couple rounds I may have been a little harsh but i know aspen and at that time technical conversation was not in the cards being down 3 rounds. Nonetheless i own it and i am sorry [Aspen Ladd] from the bottom of my heart I will continue to be better each time.”



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Ladd has remained silent on the subject.