WWE’s Cody Rhodes names one WWE star he thinks could make a UFC crossover

In a groundbreaking $17 billion merger, WWE and UFC came together to form a formidable alliance known as TKO. WWE star and Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes has recently sparked discussions regarding the potential crossover between WWE and UFC.

Back in September, history was made as the two titans in the world of combat sports and entertainment got together to form TKO. The buzz around this partnership raised intriguing questions about talent seamlessly transitioning between the worlds of WWE and UFC.

Cody Rhodes made a triumphant return to WWE in 2022 after a six-year hiatus. He recently spoke about the prospect of crossover, specifically mentioning former MMA sensation Bobby Lashley during an interview with ESPN.

Rhodes stated: “What would be funny to me is if anyone could crossover from here. We have legitimately very tough guys like Bobby Lashley. I’m always very curious to see how one of us would do. I know in the past it’s not always worked out for everybody, but I am curious to see who is the first to take.”

Rhodes himself contemplated the idea of making the leap to UFC in 2022. However, this notion faced a swift rebuttal from his wife Brandi Rhodes.

Cody disclosed: “I actually told my wife. I told my wife I wanted to do one fight. I told her this two years ago. I think I was looking for some sort of massive financial windfall, I don’t know what it was, but I told her I wanted to do one fight and she absolutely let me know that would not be happening. Unless you convince her, it’s not going to happen. Maybe it’s for the best.”

Cody Rhodes also entertained the idea of Conor McGregor transitioning to WWE, deeming him “the most obvious” candidate. But he acknowledged McGregor’s continued focus on MMA, stating that the Irish MMA icon still has numerous bouts left in him.