WTH? Boxer celebrates with backflips after opponent quits due to dislocated shoulder injury

Undefeated British super-lightweight contender Adam Azim faced scrutiny from fans following his knockout win over Enock Poulsen on Saturday night. Despite successfully defending his European title, Azim’s victory stirred controversy due to the unexpected turn of events.

In the midst of an engaging opening few rounds, Poulsen surprised everyone by taking a knee and opting to sit out the count in the fifth round. When he stood up and moved back to his corner, it became apparent that Poulsen had sustained a dislocated shoulder injury.

As Poulsen made his way back to the corner, Azim celebrated with backflips around the ring. It remains uncertain whether Azim was aware of his opponent’s injury at that moment.

Azim defended his actions in the interview after the match, stating: “As the fight was progressing I was gonna get him out of there. I knew it was coming, but his shoulder popped apparently, it is what it is. Big respect to him, he was European champion and I beat him.”

Reflecting on the match, Azim emphasized the effectiveness of his jab. He stated: “My jab is my weapon and he couldn’t get past my jab. I didn’t really have time to show more, I get better as the rounds go on. To be honest I had harder sparring sessions.”

Expressing disappointment, Azim added: “I’m a bit gutted, I wanted to press on him and get him out of there properly. When I saw him on the floor I was like, ‘Oh no.'”

Fans were quick to express their disapproval of Azim’s celebratory actions.

One fan commented, “Celebrating like that come on now.”

Another remarked, “Cringe, back flipping in front of opponent after dislocating his shoulder… embarrassing.”

A third fan voiced their disbelief, stating: “Can’t believe he started back flipping.”

A fourth fan added, “Embarrassing to celebrate with a backflip after his opponent injured.”

While Azim’s victory solidifies his standing as a British super-lightweight contender, the unconventional celebration and the circumstances surrounding Poulsen’s injury have ignited a debate among fans.