UFC’s Bryce Mitchell claims rap music is demonic because of ‘negative themes’ like violence and impurity

UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell isn’t a fan of rap music, despite having released several videos in the past that could be perceived as rap-themed. In a recent interview, Mitchell denounced rap as “demonic music” that promotes negative themes like violence and impurity.

“Look at the black trashy, shi**iest music you’ve ever seen – all come from black people,” Mitchell said on Hodge twins podcast. “It’s just as demonic as some people that’s green-lighting that music, and a lot of them were trying to say it happened to be Jewish.”

Mitchell went on to claim that wealthy Jewish people are paying Black artists to make this “demonic” rap music in order to spiritually attack the Black community. He alleged this is part of a broader pattern of the government, justice system, and society working against Black people.

This wouldn’t be the first fringe thing Mitchell believes. Mitchell also believes in Flat Earth, that he dated a witch and that man co-existed with dinosaurus.

The UFC star stated his belief that figures from the Bible were likely Black, given the geographic proximity of the Middle East to Africa. He argued depicting Jesus as a white man constitutes idolatry and is sinful.

While Mitchell has uploaded videos that incorporate rap lyrics and beats, his recent comments make clear he takes issue with the genre’s messaging and influence, not its musical style. His polarizing remarks are likely to generate backlash from both rap fans and those who take offense to his theories involving Jewish people and the Black community.

Mitchell’s skills as a martial artist remain undisputed, but his willingness to court controversy with his outspoken beliefs continues as well. How this impacts his popularity and brand remains to be seen.

Mitchell last competed in December of 2023 and lost via Knock out. His record stands at 16-2.