‘World’s Strongest Boy’ Giuliano Stroe accused of begging for Crypto on Facebook

Giuliano Stroe is a Romanian teenager who gained global fame as the ‘world’s strongest boy’ at just five years old.

He has been accused of ‘begging’ for cryptocurrency on Facebook.

Despite achieving Guinness World Records for his incredible physical feats, including the fastest 33-foot hand-walk and most 90-degree push-ups, Giuliano has now turned to crypto to remain in the spotlight.

In a Facebook post in March, Giuliano asked for help in the form of cryptocurrency, displaying an image of his zero balance crypto wallet.

The post prompted many responses accusing him of begging, with some remarking that trading in crypto requires money.

However, Giuliano’s fitness aspirations are not dead, and he continues to train for the National European Championship with his brother Claudio.

Giuliano’s passion for fitness was instilled in him by his father Iulian, who aimed to make his son famous.

Giuliano’s gruelling two-hour morning routine, carried out in Florence, Italy, gained him recognition around the world. However, his father was forced to return to Romania to make a living from scrap metal trading. Giuliano and his brother Claudio continue to upload videos of their training on YouTube, where they have amassed a significant following.


Giuliano and Claudio’s family remained in Italy, where they are looking to set up a private boxing club. The brothers’ training and brutal workouts are regularly uploaded to their YouTube channel, where they inspire and motivate their followers. Topics covered in their videos include boxing, UFC, Romania, and Italy.