Boxer Ryan Garcia calls out Logan Paul, reveals how their sparring session went

Despite their disparity in stature, boxing icon Ryan Garcia has maintained that he defeated Logan Paul in their sparring match.

In his latest display of skills, Garcia triumphed over Devin Haney. He asserted his dominance by flooring the American three times, securing a victory. He ended up solidifying his status as a boxing sensation.

Notably, Garcia engaged in a memorable sparring session with the YouTube sensation Logan Paul. This was before the latter’s exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather in June 2021.

However, the once amicable relationship between Garcia and Paul has deteriorated. This has led Garcia to be critical against Paul. He also confidently asserted his ability to win over him in a competitive showdown.

During an appearance on the PBD podcast, Garcia labelled Paul as ‘weird’ and expressed his conviction in his ability to decisively defeat him. Recalling their sparring session, Garcia emphasized his dominance despite the significant size difference.

He said: “He’s a weirdo. I’d do worse. I’d do worse to him. I would destroy Logan Paul. I’ve already sparred with him. He didn’t hurt me once.”

“And he was way bigger than me, and I was whooping his a**. How long ago was this? Long a** time ago.”

Garcia continued to criticize Paul harshly for his contributions to contemporary society, citing his joint venture of Prime energy drink.

Garcia went on to say: “They don’t stand for nothing bro, they are puppets and leeches and I don’t like people like that. These dudes are cowards and demons in the flesh, that money isn’t going to go anywhere but the grave, brother.”

“He’s so in love with his wisdom that he thinks he has, he just seems like a p***k.”

Garcia has been close friends with Paul’s brother Jake for a number of years, and their relationship has improved significantly.

His next bout in the ring may be against Haney, who asked for another chance at redemption later in 2024.

In addition, Garcia wants to retaliate against Gervonta Davis. He demands a rematch against Davis after his loss in 2023.