Ebanie Bridges slams UFC vet Darren Till in targeted rant

Boxing and OnlyF*ns star Ebanie Bridges didn’t hold back as she took aim at Darren Till, responding to his recent derogatory comments towards her.

The feud between Bridges and Till ignited when Till made disparaging remarks about Bridges. He insinuated that her success was solely attributed to putting “her t*ts out.” Bridges swiftly retaliated, accusing Till of misogyny.

In a recent interview as per dailystar, Bridges condemned Till’s behavior. She suggested that his derogatory comments may stem from personal frustrations.

Bridges boldly stated: “It’s like he hates women or something. Maybe he needs to get his d**k wet. I don’t know. Maybe he’s not getting any action. Maybe he’s sitting there having a hard w**k over these tweets that he’s making.”

“Maybe he’s trying to slide in my DMs and get a bit of attention from me, or maybe he’s actually trying to promote me. Because that’s exactly what that would have done and had people wondering, who’s this? So I don’t even know, is he even that big? I don’t really know. Do I have more followers than him? Probably. So he’s probably just trying to get some clout.”

Bridges speculated on Till’s motives behind his comments, suggesting that he might be seeking attention or attempting to gain relevance by targeting her.

Till left the UFC in 2023 after facing a series of defeats in his final matches with the organization. With a professional record of 18 wins from 24 matches, Till’s career trajectory has faced setbacks.

On the other hand, Bridges recently faced a defeat in December. She boasts an impressive boxing career, with nine wins out of ten matches prior to her setback.

The feud between Bridges and Till escalated over social media exchanges, with Till making derogatory remarks about Bridges’ achievements and career choices.

He wrote on social media: “Train hard and get ya t*ts out online girls and you can have your own Porsche 911 too”

Bridges responded with comebacks, challenging Till’s credibility and accomplishments. She wrote: “Thanks for the attention and traction @darrentill, it all helps my bank account”

She then went on to say: “He’s never won a world title or anything significant it seems except maybe some arguments on Twitter but definitely lost this one.”

Till then went on to comment more vulgar things about Bridges, saying: “Girl who gets her sn**ch out online for strangers thinks she’s won an argument against me. Well done. you won, mate.”

In a strange turn of events, Till said that he had changed after being the “negative guy” and “throwing lots of hate out there.” Additionally, he maintained that he merely wanted to start sending positive energy, but Bridges wouldn’t have it.

Bridges then stated: “If this is legit I’m glad to hear. Can’t feel nice waking up being a c*** every day. It’s just a projection of how much you hate yourself. I hope you find self love Darren.”

Despite facing unwarranted criticism and derogatory remarks, Ebanie Bridges stood firm in defending herself against Darren Till’s attacks.