Why did Israel Adesanya wear a dog collar at UFC 287 press conference?

Israel Adesanya  made headlines recently by showing up to the UFC 287 press conference wearing a dog collar around his neck. The move raised eyebrows and led to speculation about the meaning behind the accessory.

The Inspiration Behind the Dog Collar

Adesanya is known for his fashion sense and style, but his choice to wear a dog collar was unusual even for him. However, he quickly cleared up any confusion about his neckpiece when a journalist questioned him during the press conference, saying “I’m a dog. It’s a dog collar, and it’s about to be unleashed.”

Adesanya’s statement made it clear that the dog collar is not just a fashion accessory but a representation of his mentality going into his highly-anticipated rematch against Alex Pereira. The crowd in attendance showed their support by barking and growling in unison.

Interestingly, the inspiration behind the dog collar came from the 2005 movie Unleashed, starring Jet Li. Adesanya confirmed this on Twitter, saying “IYKYK. He got that Dawg in him!!”

This isn’t the first Dog refrence Adesanya made

Adesanya’s celebration after his first UFC victory, in which he pretended to pee in the cage, was met with criticism from some fans and sponsors. However, Adesanya defended his actions, saying that he needed to make a statement as a “top dog” in the UFC.

He questioned why sponsors were more concerned about his celebration than his actual skills, saying “what are the sponsors worried about: Me pretending to whip an imaginary dk out and pee everywhere to mark my territory or just watching me just beat the fk out of a dude?”

Adesanya’s celebration may be controversial, but it aligns with his image as a fierce competitor who is not afraid to assert his dominance in the Octagon.

The Rematch with Alex Pereira

Adesanya’s dog collar and celebration may be grabbing headlines, but his upcoming rematch with Alex Pereira is what truly matters to him. This will be the fourth combat sports meeting between the two, with Pereira winning on all three previous occasions.

Adesanya is determined to turn the tables and finally defeat his long-time rival. The pay-per-view event will take place this weekend at the Miami-Dade Arena in Florida, and fans are eagerly anticipating the outcome.