When Joe Rogan’s guest thought he had a ghost ‘visiting his wife’ while he was away on a road trip

During an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, comedian Tom Papa shared his belief that he had captured evidence of a ghost haunting his home on a Nest security camera.

Papa was performing at the Comedy Works in Denver when he received an alert on his phone from the Nest cam, which detects movement.

Initially, the alert just showed Papa’s dog Bella moving around. But then a second alert showed a mysterious figure that Papa insisted was a ghost. “That’s a ghost. That’s not a person for sure. My wife is the only one in the house,” Papa told Rogan.

Rogan’s meek response betrays that there might be a far likelier explanation for a man’s siluethe while Papa’s wife was on the road but he wisely opted to stay out of it.

The image showed a shadowy figure in what looked like a trenchcoat in an upstairs room of Papa’s house. Papa claimed his wife and daughter were the only people home at the time and there was no way for a shadow to be cast that way.

Papa then showed Rogan another video from the same Nest cam that depicted a strange elongated shape moving quickly in front of the camera. While Rogan suggested it looked like a bug creating a motion artifact on the low-resolution security cam, Papa remained convinced it was paranormal activity.

The comedian insisted that odd occurrences have happened before in his home, including his wife feeling like someone was standing behind her while she was outside. Papa said he believes in ghosts and older places like the Comedy Store give him an eerie feeling.

Rogan pushed back on Papa’s ghost theories, arguing that the video showed common motion distortion from a bug flying quickly in front of the camera. He cited the “Roswell rods” video phenomenon as a similar case of video artifacts being misinterpreted as UFOs or mysterious creatures.

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