When Joe Rogan spoke truth to power: It’s ridiculous to have a trans woman competing against women in MMA

Joe Rogan has finished another year on top of Podcast charts.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is probably the most versatile podcast out there, tackling a multitude of topics and featuring people from different disciplines. What makes it unique from other podcasts is the show’s willingness to interview anybody. There’s always a gem of wisdom that viewers find that they kept coming back for.

Rogan’s podcast reportedly averages 11 million downloads per episode.

However, Rogan had his own fair share of controversy in particular when his fame reached a whole new level with his his spotify deal.

With the platform change, Rogan was forced to re-examine some of his usual patterns of behavior as well as soften his attitude on trans women in sports.

Prior to the move Rogan expressed the following:

“I have problems with all of the sports, all of it when it comes to power sports. I’m not sure they have done the work here… They use the excuse of outliers… Like you can get a regular girl who is a 145 pounds or you can get a Ronda Rousey… There is extreme athletes. The idea is the outlier if you get one superior athlete and then you have them sort of commensurate with the transgender athlete.”

“Like a guy who is an athlete who became a woman in his 30s and they identifies as [female] and goes through the surgery. How much benefit does he take of having testosterone flow through his body for 30-plus years… There is fu**ing giant physical differences. These transgender athletes who are dominating against women, who are born a woman, they have to be a woman their whole life. They never have 30 years of testosterone flowing through their veins. It’s like doing steroids for 30 years and stopping. It’s crazy.”

And even later came out and said this was by far what got him the most backlash.

But after the public cancellation attempt and the organized backlash over Covid and N word compilation he considerably softened his stance insisting that he doesn’t mind trans athletes competing but minds assertions there aren’t physical advantages – which is another important talking point.
In a recent episode Rogan praised UFC 145lbs competitor Germaine de Randamie who defeated a male who was 40lbs heavier back in 2007 and compared that situation to Trans men competing with women.

Rogan told Aljamain Sterling:

“I don’t mind it if it’s voluntary. Germaine de Randamie is a multiple-time world Muay Thai champion, she’s a fu*king assassin. ”

“She fought a dude,” Rogan said. Anyway, she flatlined a dude with a straight right. But she’s a fu*king straight killer. She’s a straight killer. I would never want to tell Germaine de Randamie that she can’t fight that guy.”
“She can do whatever the fu*k she wants. She’s a badass… So this watch that again, because this dude is teeing off on her, and she’s just she’s trying to fire back and then ding! Her straight right is a goddamn piston.”
“She’s a killer. She flatlined that dude, that’s hilarious. I mean, so I’m 100% for that.”

But the issue is that Fallon Fox, Lia Thomas and company keep insisting that they have no physiological advantages.

 “But what I’m not for is us pretending that someone who’s a biological male doesn’t have advantages, especially when we’re really blurring the lines of like, how long do you have to be?”

“Identify as a female for like, how long? How much hormones do you have to take? People will talk about outliers. There are outliers,” Rogan said. “It’s a good conversation because there are people like Roy Jones Jr. In his prime, he was an outlier. He was so fast. “