What are the THREE new MMA rules ABC introduced?

The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) has recently made significant updates to the unified rules of MMA.

Every year, the ABC hosts an annual conference that draws heads and representatives from organizations from all around the country. The conference for this year took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Erik Magraken is a combat sports regulatory lawyer. He recently shared his thoughts on Twitter on the MMA’s newly added unified rules.

Rule No. 1:
One of the key amendments focuses on the recovery time for a competitor who sustains a cut due to a foul. Rule No. 1 now allows a cut man to enter the cage and attend to the wound during the 5-minute recovery period. This change provides better support to the injured combatant, ensuring they receive appropriate care and attention.

Rule No. 2:
The second amendment addresses referee positioning after a foul. Referees now have the discretion to position the combatants appropriately to prevent any unfair advantage or disadvantage. This measure aims to maintain the integrity of the match and promote fair play.

Rule No. 3:
Another significant update is related to the cooperation between ringside doctors and referees in case of an eye poke or any other foul. The clarification emphasizes that doctors should refrain from immediately asking combatants if they can see after an eye poke since vision often returns with time. This ensures that competitors are given the appropriate five-minute break to recover fully, promoting their safety and well-being.

These amendments to the unified rules of MMA are widely adopted in various jurisdictions and are set to improve the overall experience for competitors, officials, and fans alike.

Unsurprisingly, the ABC’s modifications to the rules have sparked numerous reactions among combat sports fans.

One fan questioned why combatants aren’t allowed to use a wet towel to clean out any dirt that may have gotten into their eyes after an eye poke. He wrote: “Why aren’t fighters allowed to use water and a towel or a wet towel after an eye poke to clean out any dirt/sweat/grease that got in it?”

Another fan expressed their desire to see grounded knees permitted in matches. The user wrote: “We want grounded knees goddammit!”

Some of the other comments are as follows:

“The rule to allow cut persons into the cage for cuts incurred by fouls is so important. I’ve heard @JohnMcCarthyMMA talk about this for awhile, I’m glad the commission/s finally listened on this subject.”

“Wow, a sport making rules that make sense. What a breath of fresh air tbh lol.”

“They should ban stomps to the knee…career threatening.”

“An eye poke should be an automatic point deduction and confirmed by replay.”