Female MMA Pro who became a Muslim blasts Strickland for questioning her conversion in DMs

In a recently posted video clip, PFL’s Amber Leibrock shared a surprising and disturbing exchange with former UFC champion Sean Strickland. Leibrock, who converted to Islam last year, revealed that Strickland sent her a direct message expressing his disapproval of her decision.

Leibrock, who has been open about her spiritual journey, recounted the exchange, stating, “I’ve had people, I won’t say his name, but he’s a super famous fighter, just won a belt. And he literally messaged me like, I can’t believe you as a woman want to be a Muslim.” The PFL star expressed her feelings of disappointment at Strickland’s message, saying, “And in my head, I was just like, wow, like you’re contradicting me, like you are such an evil person.”

The 36-year-old, who has been training in MMA for over a decade, emphasized the sense of community and acceptance she has found in Islam. “I’ve been through a bunch of groups in my life, and never in 36 years have I felt more welcomed, more loved, more accepted, more honored, more everything than when I became a Muslim and I got to meet like all these amazing sisters and all these amazing brothers are part of this.”

Leibrock’s experience highlights a broader issue of religious intolerance and ignorance. Her conversion to Islam should have been a personal decision, yet Strickland felt compelled to express his disapproval.

It’s worth noting that Strickland has made headlines in the past for his controversial statements and behavior. In a recent interview, he discussed his interactions with Muslims and Christians, stating, “I find the death threats way more entertaining.” While Strickland’s actions may be seen as inflammatory, he’s probably genuinely interested why a female MMA pro would chose to convert to a religion that’s in stark contrast to her longtime profession.

Islamic MMA superstars have been vocal in their dismissal of women’s MMA in the past including former champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and current champion Islam Makhachev. The one exception seems to be Shavkat Rakhmanov whose sister Sora is an active MMA competitor.

“For females, I have very good advice, be fighters at home,” Khabib said at a fan Q and A, before adding: “And one more advice, all the time, finish your husband.”

Nurmagomedov followed this guideline as a promoter as well. When he acquired Eagle FC, the first thing he did was disband the women’s divisions.

Interestingly, the only woman in MMA he’s shown respect towards is Kayla Harrison even going so far as to say he values her Judo Olympic Gold medal more than Henry Cejudo’s.

Regardless, Strickland was likely overstepping the bounds of normal behavior, especially considering the two don’t appear to know each other personally.