Dr. Rhonda Patrick: 1-3 minutes of exercising per day can significantly lower risk of cancer

Renowned biomedical scientist, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, has made a breakthrough claim that incorporating short bursts of intense physical activity, dubbed “exercise snacks,” into one’s daily routine can have a significant impact on lowering cancer risk.

According to Dr. Patrick, who holds a Ph.D. in biomedical science, individuals who engage in vigorous intensity lifestyle activities, such as sprinting up stairs or doing bodyweight squats, for as little as 1-3 minutes a day can reap significant benefits. These benefits include a 50% lower risk of cancer-related mortality and cardiovascular-related mortality.

Dr. Patrick cites large-scale studies that use wearable devices to track participants’ heart rates and physical activity. She notes that individuals who incorporate short bursts of intense exercise into their daily lives, even if they don’t identify as “exercisers,” can still experience significant health benefits.

“The benefits were also seen in people that identified as non-exercisers, so they aren’t going to the gym or doing other leisure-time physical activities,” Dr. Patrick explains on her podcast. “So, the benefits are additive, and they make a difference.”

One of the most promising aspects of exercise snacks is that they can be done anywhere, at any time, without requiring a dedicated gym session or lengthy workout routine. Dr. Patrick suggests incorporating simple activities, such as bodyweight squats, high knees, chair squats, planks, and burpees, into one’s daily routine.

“You can do these exercises at your house, and it’s a lot easier to get motivated to do something for two minutes,” Dr. Patrick says. “You can even do them at your desk, and it makes a difference on your mood, on your cognition, and it helps get blood flow immediately to your brain.”

Dr. Patrick’s research highlights the importance of incorporating physical activity into daily life, rather than relying on dedicated exercise sessions. By breaking up the day with short bursts of exercise, individuals can experience significant health benefits, including improved mood, cognition, and reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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