(Video) YouTuber True Geordie seems to think he beat up Conor McGregor

The ongoing altercation between Conor McGregor and YouTuber True Geordie has escalated to new heights, capturing the attention of fans worldwide. The controversy erupted when Geordie released a video analyzing McGregor’s recent interviews at The Black Forge Inn.

The video raised concerns about the UFC superstar’s potential d**g abuse problems. He showed a compilation of clips highlighting instances where McGregor seemed to struggle with his speech.

In response to Geordie’s analysis, McGregor took to Twitter and unleashed his anger through a voice note.

True Geordie (whose real name is Brian Davis) wasted no time addressing McGregor’s controversial tweet. Geordie retaliated by issuing a charity bout challenge to the former UFC champion, offering a chance to settle their differences inside the ring.

Confident in his physical prowess, Geordie made a bold statement regarding the potential match. He emphasized McGregor’s alleged size disadvantage, comparing him to a shopping bag that he could effortlessly lift with one arm.

He said in his video: “He is nowhere ready to fight anyone, not even me. And the funniest thing is the way he’s talking about in this video. The way he complained about Nate Diaz being ‘too big’ for him, too strong for him at 170 pounds.”

“Man, I’m 300 f**kin pounds and built like a rugby player. I’m the size of the guys who, Floyd Mayweather and you would hire to protect when you walk around in public.”

True Geordie went on to add: “I would pick Conor McGregor like a shopping bag with one arm. He’s so small compared to me. I’m more twice the size of this man. Well donate the money to burns victims how bout that? Any time, any where, any place I really don’t care.”

The announcement has sparked a wave of excitement among fans. Social media platforms have been buzzing with various opinions and predictions about the potential showdown between the two personalities.

Twitter user @StevenStrangles weighed in on the matter, acknowledging the significance of size but emphasizing the importance of movement. In his view, McGregor’s superior footwork and agility would enable him to wear down Geordie within minutes.

Meanwhile, @JJtheGoatKSIfan expressed their opinion that McGregor can no longer accept criticism and has lost his edge.

Another user by the name of @YTBoxingNews_ brought up the fact that True Geordie used to be a huge fan of McGregor in the past.

Only time will tell if these adversaries will step into the ring and settle their differences, providing an intriguing spectacle for combat sports enthusiasts worldwide.