(Video) WWE’s John Cena goes viral for ‘that’ appearance at the Oscars

In the world of sports entertainment, few figures have commanded the spotlight for as long as John Cena. With a career spanning three decades, the WWE icon turned A-list actor has consistently captivated audiences worldwide.

However, it was his recent appearance at the 96th Academy Awards that thrust him into the viral limelight. Cena made one of the most unforgettable moments in award show history.

John Cena was tasked with presenting the Oscar for costume design. The wrestling sensation took an unconventional route that left the audience in awe. He came onto the stage naked, making everyone surprised.

As the nominee montage graced the screen, Cena then changed into clothes and stepped into the spotlight. The entire incident surprised the audience present at the Oscars. The entertainment industry which is accustomed to scripted events, was caught off guard by Cena’s spontaneous act.

What made Cena’s on-stage revelation even more remarkable was the context. Presenting an award typically demands a level of formality, especially in an esteemed setting like the Oscars. But Cena defied these norms, adding an unexpected twist to the proceedings.

In the end, the Oscar for costume design went to the hit film “Poor Things.” However, it was John Cena who emerged as the true show-stealer of the evening.

The audience – both at the venue and those tuned in globally, found themselves discussing Cena’s daring stunt.

Fans on social media could not help but praise Cena’s daring move. Memes, reactions, and discussions flooded various online platforms, solidifying the incident as a defining moment in pop culture.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“John @JohnCena you got balls! Hilarious at the #oscars2024”

“It brings me no joy to say this, but John Cena is the best comedic actor working today.”

“John Cena in the Oscars rn đŸ¤£ that was so funny”

John Cena’s journey from a wrestling luminary to a Hollywood icon has been nothing short of extraordinary. While his accolades in the WWE ring are well-documented, it’s his ability to seamlessly transition into diverse roles that have solidified his status as an A-list actor.