(Video) Woman sprays people with detergent after getting called out for blocking a wheelchair ramp

A woman has gained widespread attention online after a video captured her spraying people with cleaning fluid when confronted for blocking a wheelchair ramp with her car.

The incident was recorded by Michael Robbins, who expressed his frustration with “ignorant people” while narrating the situation.

Initially posted on TikTok, the video was later removed by the platform for alleged harassment. Undeterred, Robbins decided to repost it and also shared it in his stories.

In the video, the woman can be seen sitting in her car, and Robbins explains how she prevented the wheelchair ramp from opening due to her vehicle’s proximity. As the recording continues, the woman starts spraying what appears to be cleaning fluid in Robbins’ direction. Meanwhile, another woman behind him joins in criticizing the driver’s actions.

Amid the confrontation, the woman blocking the ramp steps out of her car and provokes the woman behind Robbins, inviting her to come closer. She then proceeds to spray the cleaning fluid on her, challenging her with the words, “Now what?”

Tensions rise, leading to an incident between the two women. Robbins intervenes to stop the incident, urging them to separate. He then assists in breaking up the action and helps the woman who was sprayed.

The video garnered strong reactions from viewers, with many calling out the woman for her use of cleaning fluid as a means of retaliation.

Additionally, users expressed disapproval of her behavior, particularly considering there was a child present in her car. The comments section showcased a mix of surprise and anger, with some emphasizing that the confrontation began with a simple request for the woman to move her car backward.

While the video appeared to have been edited, a comment filled in the gaps, highlighting that the woman allegedly instigated the incident with a hospital worker, throwing the bottle at her and spraying her with an unknown substance. This led some individuals to argue that her actions could be seen as self-defense.

Amidst the serious reactions, some users added a touch of humor, jokingly urging the woman to return the other woman’s hair.