McGregor unleashes rant on Boxer Ryan Garcia for Positive PED test, forgetting about his own transformation

MMA icon Conor McGregor has publicly spoken out against Ryan Garcia since he has been publicly accused of cheating. There have been recent developments suggesting Garcia’s involvement with PEDs.

McGregor initially praised Garcia following his victory against Haney. However, his stance swiftly changed when news broke of Garcia’s positive test for Ostarine. Taking to Twitter on Thursday night, McGregor didn’t mince words as he lambasted Garcia for his alleged misconduct during the match against Haney.

McGregor challenged Garcia to a match, emphasizing his disapproval of Garcia’s actions. He condemned Garcia’s alleged use of PEDs, expressing his disappointment and disgust.

McGregor’s tweets were laden with strong language and condemnation towards Garcia, asserting that cheating has no place in professional sports. He called for a lifetime ban for Garcia.

While McGregor’s accusations have stirred controversy, it’s important to note that Garcia is currently under investigation by the NY State Athletic Commission. Garcia has denied any intentional use of Ostarine, and the investigation is expected to take some time before a conclusive ruling is reached.