Jon Jones wages war on MMA Guru for sensationalism, Andrew Tate piggybacks

Following UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ criticism of social media influencers,  Andrew Tate recently replied to Jones.

Jones took aim at the significant sway wielded by influencers, particularly over younger audiences. The rant seemed to be directed at ‘The MMA Guru’, a popular content creator. He recently made some dubious remarks on the 36-year-old’s sexual orientation.

Jones questioned the authenticity of influencers and expressed disbelief at the influence these figures hold over internet users.

Jones posted on X: “Crazy that we live in the world where influencers can persuade the minds of the boys on the Internet. Literally some random loser with a microphone in his basement. People can just say anything they want these days, I find it fascinating.”

Andrew Tate is known for his controversial presence in the influencer sphere. He echoed Jones’ sentiment regarding influencers’ selective portrayal of information. Tate suggested that influencers often cherry-pick data to fit their narratives, neglecting contradictory evidence.

Tate also criticized this practice, highlighting its potential to mislead audiences and shape skewed perceptions. His remarks mirrored Jones’ concerns, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in online content creation.

Jones is now recovering from his damaged pectoral muscle. Due to the injury, Jones was unable to defend his championship against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 in November of last year.

He recently acknowledged Andrew Tate’s influence on the masses during a recent interview. Jones commended Tate for his dedication to sharing knowledge and encouraging critical thinking among his audience. He expressed admiration for Tate’s efforts to provoke thought and challenge conventional perspectives.

Jones stated: “I’ve seen some of his training videos. I haven’t seen much of his actual work, but he looks solid. I’m just proud of the person that he’s trying to be for human beings. He’s always trying to share some knowledge; he doesn’t always hit the mark, but he’s trying to help men and women think outside the box and expand our knowledge, and I’m grateful for that.”

Andrew Tate’s involvement in the combat sports community stems from his career as a professional kickboxer. But his online persona has attracted criticism for promoting toxic masculinity and misogyny, raising concerns about the influence he exerts over his fans.