(Video) When UFC vet Brendan Schaub injured his producer’s neck in a spontaneous grappling session

Brendan Schaub is a former UFC heavyweight contender turned podcaster. He stirred up controversy when a video surfaced showing an incident during a playful grappling session. The incident involved Schaub accidentally causing an injury to his producer’s neck, raising eyebrows and concerns among fans.

Schaub transitioned from his UFC career to become a prominent figure in podcasting, stand-up comedy, and social media thanks to patronage from Joe Rogan. However, his recent grappling mishap has drawn criticism and further tarnished his already shaky reputation within the MMA community.


The incident occurred during a podcast recording session, where Schaub, along with his friend Bryan Callen and producer Chin Su Yi, engaged in what was intended to be a lighthearted grappling session. Despite their playful intentions, the session took a serious turn when Schaub inadvertently applied a neck crank on Su Yi, resulting in injury.

Although the injury occurred swiftly and Schaub released the hold promptly, Su Yi experienced prolonged discomfort in his neck. Shockingly, Su Yi neglected to seek professional medical attention for over a year, citing financial constraints as the reason for his reluctance to seek treatment.

Schaub’s fervent fans went so far as to contrast this playful session to a BJJ demonstration from Dillon Danis. While Danis isn’t exactly beloved for his nice guy persona, his BJJ expertise is as legit as it gets.

Despite the severity of the incident, Su Yi chose not to pursue legal action against Schaub. Instead, an unconventional resolution was reached, with Su Yi being appointed to the board of directors at Tiger Thiccc, a drink brand associated with Schaub. This wasn’t a particularly smart choice considering Tiger Thicc seems to be struggling.

The incident highlights the importance of exercising caution and responsibility during physical activities, even in seemingly casual settings. While grappling disciplines like Brazilian jiu-jitsu offer numerous benefits, including fitness and self-defense, it is essential to approach them with the appropriate level of respect and awareness.

Despite his background as a former MMA athlete, Schaub’s grappling expertise has been called into question, with critics pointing out his limited experience and questionable actions in training. While Schaub holds a BJJ black belt, he once claimed he was demoted to a white belt and even went as far as ordering a black belt over the phone to impress his son, raising doubts about his credibility in the grappling community.