(Video) When Mike Tyson had to physically move Diddy’s hand from his behind

As part of his ongoing jesting campaign directed at Diddy, rapper 50 Cent has reacted on a clip from an interview with Diddy and Mike Tyson, playfully insinuating that even the legendary boxer had to assert his boundaries with the Bad Boy Records mogul.

During the clip, Tyson and Diddy are seated adjacent on a couch just before a commercial break. Tyson subtly repositions Diddy’s hand, which was resting between them on the couch, onto the musician’s own leg. Tyson then adjusts his own posture to create more distance, while Diddy’s expression suggests a hint of discomfort.

In his caption accompanying the post, 50 Cent humorously remarks on Tyson’s action, implying a protective gesture: “Hahaha look at Mike, oh no your not gonna touch my A** buddy. LOL.” While some online observers echo 50 Cent’s interpretation, others speculate that Tyson’s action may have been more about showcasing Diddy’s jewelry, with a nod towards the timepiece adorning the performer’s wrist.

The resurfacing of this clip has sparked discussions online. What are your thoughts on the interaction between Mike Tyson and Diddy? How do you view 50 Cent’s humorous take on the situation amidst Diddy’s ongoing legal challenges? Share your insights in the comments below, and stay tuned to HNHH for further updates.

Mike Tyson has clarified the nature of his upcoming bout against Jake Paul, confirming that it will be an exhibition match adhering to real boxing regulations.

Despite the classification as an exhibition, Tyson emphasized that it will be a real, stating that none of the rules for the match will be found under the definition of an exhibition.

Tyson acknowledged Paul’s evolution from his early YouTube days and anticipated that Paul would come into the match intending to hurt him. However, he expressed confidence that Paul would be mistaken in his approach.However, there is uncertainty surrounding the approval of the exhibition match by the Texas Athletic Commission due to the significant age difference between the two competitors.

The bout is scheduled to take place live on Netflix in July at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.