(Video) When John Cena Claimed He’d Never Taken Any PEDs in His Life

Professional wrestler and actor John Cena has long maintained that he has never used PEDs throughout his successful career in sports entertainment. In a resurfaced video clip, Cena addressed the issue of PED usage directly.

“I’m still absolutely dr*g free for life,” Cena stated emphatically. “I get my testosterone tested every third, every quarter, three times a year. The last one was a fourth wall.”

At the time of making those comments, Cena, who was 46 years old, added that his testosterone levels remained in the normal range for his age. “As a 46-year-old man, I’m still in a good spot. So I don’t need that dimension yet,” he said, referring to the potential need for supplementation or other performance aids.

Cena’s claim of being “dr*g free for life” is notable given the wrestling industry’s history of abuse issues and PED scandals involving other high-profile performers. Throughout his two-decade run as one of WWE’s top stars, Cena has projected an image of hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to doing things “the right way.”

While some may view Cena’s assertions with skepticism given the competitive nature of professional wrestling and the temptations for physical enhancement, his statements underscore his public stance against PED use.

Whether one chooses to believe him or not, John Cena has consistently maintained that he has never resorted to banned dr*gs to gain an edge in the ring or boost his physical prowess.