(Video) Vomit TKO puts a stop to MMA event between Kwajuan Mensah and Zach Ross-Williams

In a eccentric and uncommon incident, the amateur bout between Kwajuan Mensah and Zach Williams at Dynasty Combat Sports had to be stopped due to one of the stars vomiting inside the cage.

The matchup, scheduled to take place at the Nebraska Lottery Red Corner venue, was slated to be part of the undercard leading up to the main and title fights. However, the contest came to an abrupt and anti-climactic end when one of the stars unexpectedly vomited during the action.

Precisely what led to the vomiting incident between Mensah and Williams is unclear at this point. It may have been from a punch or body strike, or simply the compounding fatigue and exertion over the course of the fight.

Whatever the cause, once one of the stars began vomiting, the referee had no choice but to stop the event on the advice of the ringside physician. A “vomit TKO” was rendered, ending the bout prematurely.

Such stoppages are highly uncommon but not unprecedented in MMA and boxing. Stars push their bodies to the absolute limit, so occasionally the strain can manifest through vomiting. However, vomit TKOs remain relatively rare occurrences.

The remainder of the Dynasty Combat Sports card was able to proceed following the cancellation of the Mensah vs Williams fight. But it was certainly an odd ending to what was anticipated to be an entertaining matchup between the two prospects.

While not the way either star likely envisioned their night unfolding, the health and safety of the athletes had to be the top priority once the vomiting incident occurred inside the cage.