(Video) Unbelievable one punch KO helps crown new champion

LFA recently held one of their major events on Friday, April 14th. The highlight of the event was the welterweight title bout between Trey Waters and Jalin Fuller in the main event.

The two were competing for the vacant welterweight belt. Trey Waters entered the cage with six victories and one loss, having been submitted by current UFC contender Gabriel Bonfim last year in Dana White’s Contender series. Meanwhile, Jalin Fuller was 7-2, having won his previous bout against Scott Writz in January.

Fans bet on Waters, and he did not disappoint. The 28-year-old put on quite a performance by dominating Fuller in the first round. Both athletes started slowly, but Waters managed to check some kicks and landed more significant strikes.

The action heated up in the second round. Waters remained in control of the match. In the middle of the round, Fuller started to become more aggressive. He threw a left hand at Waters, but Waters found an opening and delivered a quick right hand while evading Fuller’s punch. His knuckle connected right on Fuller’s jaw, causing him to become fully unconscious and sending him to the canvas.

With this victory, Trey Waters successfully bounced back from his one and only loss and extended his professional record to 7-1. He also became the new LFA welterweight champion.

Waters will likely attempt to join the UFC again via Dana White’s Contender Series. However, he revealed that he is not the type of athlete who competes frequently, so fans may have to wait longer for his next return.