(Video) UFC’s Michael Chandler gets heated with Ric Flair at local bar

UFC star Michael Chandler and WWE legend Ric Flair found themselves entangled in a heated altercation at a bar, creating waves across social media platforms. The incident, captured in a viral Instagram video, showcased a fiery exchange between the two iconic figures.

As the video unfolds, Ric Flair confronts Michael Chandler, raising his voice and instigating a verbal exchange. Despite Chandler’s attempts to defuse the situation with an apology, tensions escalate as Flair continues to berate the UFC fighter. Chandler, known for his composed demeanor, eventually reaches his limit, delivering words that trigger Flair’s fury. In response, Flair throws a punch at Chandler, prompting an unexpected physical altercation.

Chandler swiftly retaliates with a well-executed takedown, showcasing his combat skills. The UFC star had strong words for Flair on Instagram, stating, “Actually, you’re a cocky old man who’s past his prime and keeps on doing things…”

Contrary to initial appearances, it later emerged that the confrontation was a playful banter between the two, who share a history of camaraderie. Chandler had previously impersonated Flair during a UFC post-fight interview in 2021, establishing a playful dynamic between them.

Ric Flair, having recently signed with ‘All Elite Wrestling’ for a return to the pro wrestling scene, adds another layer to the narrative. Meanwhile, Michael Chandler, originally slated to face Conor McGregor this year, saw the matchup postponed to 2024 for various reasons.

Reflecting on Michael Chandler’s journey, his impactful UFC debut against Dan Hooker, where he emulated Ric Flair’s WWE-style promo, garnered significant attention. The comparison to the legendary pro wrestler fueled Chandler’s connection with Flair, who happens to be one of his favorite pro wrestlers.

While Chandler faced setbacks in his pursuit of the UFC title, with a victory against Charles Oliveira eluding him, he remains a formidable contender in the lightweight division. His upcoming bout against Conor McGregor in 2024 promises to be a high-stakes clash, eagerly anticipated by MMA enthusiasts.

In case you missed this fiery altercation between Michael Chandler and Ric Flair, stay tuned for more updates on these two dynamic personalities in the world of combat sports.