(Video) UFC’s Levy spars anti semitic keyboard warrior who was sending him hate online

In a recent display of skill and sportsmanship, UFC lightweight Natan Levy imparted a much-needed lesson to a Twitter troll who dared to challenge him. Levy, also known as ‘Lethal’, has been honing his prowess outside the octagon since his last victory over Genaro Valdez in December.

While awaiting his anticipated return to the cage, which was unfortunately postponed due to the cancellation of his UFC Charlotte bout against Pete Rodriguez, Levy has been active on his social media. He recently shared a video showcasing a remarkable encounter: a sparring session with a Twitter troll who had voiced his opinions online.

The unusual saga began when Levy voiced his criticism of political pundit Nick Fuentes, who has stirred controversy due to his extreme views. Although Fuentes himself did not engage with Levy’s comments, one of his supporters stepped up on social media to defend him. In an unexpected twist, Levy agreed to spar with the troll, despite the individual’s lack of prior mixed martial arts experience.

The resulting video documented the face-off between Levy and the Twitter troll. While the outcome was hardly surprising, with Levy showcasing his superior skills, the interaction revealed more than just physical prowess. The encounter unfolded with mutual respect and a desire to learn.

Notably, UFC middleweight contender Chris Curtis played a crucial role in Levy’s corner during the sparring session, providing valuable advice and guidance.

While Levy approached the situation with a measured perspective. In the video, the Israeli emphasized that his intention was not to inflict significant harm but rather to convey an essential lesson in respect.

This unexpected sparring session shed light on the dynamics of interactions in the digital age and how athletes can utilize their platforms to engage constructively. Levy’s approach, marked by his willingness to engage with the troll and his commitment to imparting a positive lesson, demonstrates the multifaceted nature of fighters beyond the cage.

As Levy’s journey in the UFC continues, his recent encounter with a Twitter troll remains a testament to the power of sportsmanship and the potential for transformative exchanges in unexpected places.