(Video) UFC’s Khamzat Chimaev facetimes Andrew Tate

UFC star Khamzat Chimaev recently sparked controversy among his fans with a video call featuring the controversial internet personality Andrew Tate.

Their friendly conversation and expressed desire to meet in person have helped forge an unexpected friendship between the two figures.

During their virtual interaction, Chimaev extended a heartfelt invitation to Tate, urging him to attend his highly anticipated potential bout scheduled for October. Tate graciously accepted the invitation, indicating a genuine understanding and mutual appreciation between the two individuals.

During the call, Chimaev stated: “I have to see you brother.”

Despite Chimaev’s well-established reputation for fearlessly accepting challenges from any opponent, the details surrounding his upcoming bout remain shrouded in ambiguity. Since his dominant victory against Kevin Holland via first-round submission in September 2022, Chimaev has been absent from the octagon.

Whispers of a potential matchup against Paulo Costa have circulated, but concrete updates have yet to emerge. The absence of official announcements has fans eagerly anticipating his return.

Meanwhile, Andrew Tate finds himself confined to house arrest since he is unable to step beyond the boundaries of his residence. The former kickboxer and his brother Tristan were arrested in December 2022 at their home in Bucharest. Since then, they have been subject to confinement.

Both brothers have been facing a slew of serious charges. Andrew Tate vehemently refutes all of these claims, maintaining his innocence and denying any involvement in the alleged crimes.

Despite his restrictions, Andrew Tate brazenly showcases his illicit activities on social media. It seems that the rules and limitations imposed upon him hold little influence over his actions.

In a video shared on his Twitter account, Tate recorded himself acting recklessly by speeding in a car. This deliberate violation of multiple conditions of his house arrest further adds to the mounting legal troubles surrounding him.