(Video) UFC’s Dvalishvili (135lbs) has a takedown contest with 260lbs Bodybuilder that challenges MMA stars

Bradley Martyn’s ongoing trend of calling out MMA stars for a no holds barred contest has caught the attention of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Despite recent footage of the 260-pound bodybuilder struggling against a smaller fan, Martyn continues to push for these challenges.

In his latest podcast episode, Martyn expresses his desire to face off against Merab Dvalishvili, the #2 UFC bantamweight.

Coincidentally, Dvalishvili responds to Martyn’s callout in a light-hearted manner on X. In a jesting post, he writes, “”I wrestled with @BradleyMartyn and he wasn’t as strong as he looks. After I beat Henry Cejudo, me and Bradley Martyn will fight. I want to fight him more than I want to fight O’Malley.””

The accompanying video showcases Dvalishvili attempting to grapple with Martyn in a club-like setting. Despite his impressive grappling skills, Dvalishvili is unable to execute a leg takedown due to the significant size difference and reach advantage of the bodybuilder. Surrounded by cheering fans, the humorous interaction garners reactions from both supporters and critics.

Bradley Martyn’s frequent hypothetical challenges to the MMA community have divided fans. While some find the spectacle amusing, others, including established fighters like Justin Gaethje and Dan Hooker, have trolled Martyn for daring to challenge professionals.

Known for his lighthearted humor, Dvalishvili often engages in humorous skits. From playfully stealing Sean O’Malley’s red jacket to teasing fellow bantamweights, he never fails to entertain. However, fans couldn’t help but point out that Dvalishvili may have underestimated Martyn’s weight, as the bodybuilder clocks in at an impressive 260 pounds.

As Dvalishvili prepares for his upcoming event against former two-division champion Henry Cejudo at UFC 298, fans use this opportunity to criticize him for potentially losing to Cejudo.

Yet, the majority of fans are more intrigued by the bantamweight’s audacity to challenge someone twice his weight class. Some even speculate that Dvalishvili might have what it takes to pull off an unexpected victory.