(Video) UFC vet Michael Bisping caught in homophobia controversy after hot-mic at UFC 298

Former UFC icon Michael Bisping was recently embroiled in a homophobic scandal during a heated exchange at UFC 298.

In the midst of discussing the unfolding events, Bisping inadvertently sparked controversy with a hot-mic moment. While referring to a contender, he exclaimed ‘what a guy.’

The 44-year-old finished his segment, but the camera did not cut right away. It lingered, capturing a moment where Bisping was seemingly unaware of the camera still running. Bisping criticized his own comments, uttering ‘f*****g gay.’

He said: “What a guy?’ That’s ‘f*****g gay. Come on.”


Despite the uproar, the 44-year-old remained silent on the matter in his subsequent tweets on Sunday. This isn’t the first time Bisping has faced scrutiny for homophobic remarks.

Following a victory in 2016, he labeled opponent Luke Rockhold with a derogatory term. Quickly realizing his error, he backtracked. Bisping then expressed regret and urged the media to delete the comment.

Bisping said: “S**t, I shouldn’t have said that.” Realizing his mistake, he told the media to “delete that comment.”

Bisping’s controversial history doesn’t end there. A promotional video for UFC 127 captured him referring to Jorge Rivera with another derogatory term. He called Rivera a “f****t motherf****r.”

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