(Video) UFC fans thrilled when Sean O’Malley lookalike styles on opponent

With the UFC on a break, MMA fans are getting restless. UFC has been holding 40 to 45 events yearly for a while now meaning that the average MMA fan is used to a steady stream of weekly events.

The month of January seems to be the exception to the rule with UFC getting benched mid December and on a break until this next weekend.

In the absence of UFC events many fans scoured twitter and reddit for fun action footage and one clip in particular caught their eye.

A conflict between teens that got its resultion in a public bathroom went viral earlier this week with many drawing comparisons between the tall, lanky striker and UFC’s Sean O’Malley.

Sean O’Malley is known for his many tattoos and colorful hair nowadays but he started out looking just like this kid.

In the brief clip, Sean O’Malley lookalike is seen taking up a striking stance. While the other guy is clearly the aggressor, he’s more than willing to defend himself.

Once the other guy swings, he gets rebuffed and the action resets. The other guy wouldn’t let up. O’Malley lookalike started styling on his ‘opponent’, proceeded to dance for a bit and then landed a big shot resolving the conflict once in for all.

The commenters had fun with the footage going so far as to comment ‘O’Malley has come a long way”

“He pulled that same magic against Petr Yan”

“That’s Sean O’ Mallet in his high school days lol!”

“Early Sean O’Malley video”

Others went on to speculate that the dance moves resembled the video game Fortnite and speculated if this is slap boxing.

Apparently one of the commenters received an email from the principal of his kids school detailing the new ‘stunt’ that’s going viral on social media.

“I think this is Slapboxing which is trending in schools where they slap each other for social media. I didn’t expect to see one within 24hrs after receiving an email from my daughter’s school principal.”

Regardless of the stunt, we’re glad to see that the incident had no big repercussions to either of the participants and that the commenters were mostly sharing benign comments.